So, haven't updated in....a year and a half now! Does anybody still use this thing?
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Why, yes! When? Wednesday, the 28th. Where? my house. Bring? A bathing suit/snacks/movies/games/etc... Who? Pretty much anyone who reads this. Yes. So there.
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So, I haven't updated in a while, so I'm doing that (mostly cuz Carrie asked me to :p) Went to prom with a bunch of amazing people, which was a lot of fun. I was expecting it to be horrible, but it wasn't. I think it's cuz a lot of people were happy to be there, rather than annoyed like at the rest of the school dances. I'm switching my position at work for at least the summer. I'm gonna be in groccery now! Thank Myagi, no more front end for the summer!!!! Going to the mall today with my favorite people in the world. I'm sure I'll update on that later on. That's about it. For Evan, Jess, and Jeff, see ya later on tonight. For thte rest of you, so long!
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So yeah, broke up with Tom, which I put off for far too long. Big mistake on my part. I hate being the monster...

With Jeff now, and a lot of people are pissed off about it. I don't see why they just don't leave us alone. It's got absolutely nothing to do with you, and I've been really happy this past week- happier than I've been in a while. People have noticed it: I'm smiling all the time now, and Jeff is happy too. What if I've actually found something this time? Why is it always automatically my fault? No matter what anyone tells me, they all think the same thing about me. Yeah, I know what everyone says. What I hate is that they think I dont', and keep acting like everything's OK. What's wrose than that, is that I go along with it as well...

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OK, so this was deffinetly an interesting weekend. Went to the mall with some amazing people. (AKA, Sam* and Jesse) Got a new bag, so I don't have to carry my purse around with me stuffed to the brim anymore. The next day, went to the Friendly Toast with Shannon, Jess, Sam*, Morgan, and Kristen for her birthday, and got some new hairdye. Then to the hockey game with my brother and mom. Pirates beat the Bruins 6-0, and there were some kick ass fights. Today, am going to work, then to the mall with Shannon and Jessica. So yeah...
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X2Pyrokinetic2X: heya ^_^
mysticdreamer33: hi
X2Pyrokinetic2X: how was work
mysticdreamer33: started out bad
X2Pyrokinetic2X: how so?
mysticdreamer33: I got scolded for wearing shoes that were coloured blue
mysticdreamer33: wtf is up with that!?
mysticdreamer33: seriously!
X2Pyrokinetic2X: dubbya tee eff, u get away with murder there... but nooooo, blue shoes r bad? eh? ...?
mysticdreamer33: yeah, whatever
mysticdreamer33: then I felt better cuz judy left
mysticdreamer33: and leisel was there, and I love her
X2Pyrokinetic2X: das good ^_^
X2Pyrokinetic2X: well i got something that will put ya in a even better mood
X2Pyrokinetic2X: muahahahahaaaaa
mysticdreamer33: lmfao
X2Pyrokinetic2X: thats right
X2Pyrokinetic2X: i went there
X2Pyrokinetic2X: ~ tis me
mysticdreamer33: that's probably the best thing I've ever seen
mysticdreamer33: 1337 bastards...
mysticdreamer33: oh my...
X2Pyrokinetic2X: oh yes
X2Pyrokinetic2X: make sure u read the very bottom of the card
mysticdreamer33: omg
X2Pyrokinetic2X: lol
X2Pyrokinetic2X: mike was down here with me when i was looking this stuff up and he's part black, i called him a white honky nigga, aka, higga + white nigga
X2Pyrokinetic2X: ~ emo song~ tada!
X2Pyrokinetic2X: i'm dling escaflowne atm ^_^
mysticdreamer33: omg, emo ppl are so hot though
X2Pyrokinetic2X: lol

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So it's not the year 2006. I get to put up a new calander, not that I had one up before. next year, I will be graduating, thank myagi (RIP). Some pointless things happened. Started smoking, quit drinking, fucked some things up. So yeah, my new years resolution? Don't have one. Just can't wait 'til next year when I can leave here, and start over in a new place where no one knows me. The whole "staying together-friends-forever" thing is always a dream anyways. No-one stays friends forever. Since everyone seems to want to forget me anyways, I just hope that I'll forget you.
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So today was Christmas. I got a lot of candy, a lint roller, a flashlight, some DVD's, some money, a mixed tape from tom :), jackass season 1 on DVD, and this really kick ass faery scrapbook from my mom. My party was ther other day, and I would say it was a sucess. It was less wild than other parties, and believe it or not, on one had sex...that I know of :I Only 5 ppl spent the night, which was amazing because we were all girls and AJ, and it was a lot of fun. We ended up playing strip poker after everyone had left, and I unfortunetly got my ass kicked. My secret santa was jenny, and I, coincidentilly, was her secret santa. She gave me some candy and a pimp hat. There was plenty of food this time, which was wonderful, and I must have about three dollars worth of bottle returns in my garage right now. A lot of people gave me stuff, which rocked. Got some interesting stickers, a lot of candles, a couple of journals, a hott corset, a stuffed animal, and this kick ass pez set of a bunch of Star Wars characters (cuz I'm a dork.) Oh, and some strawberry Pocky :D. My brother and his g/f visited today, as well as Tom which was cool, and my other brother and his fiance called. So all-in-all, pretty good year, despite the fact that we didn't have a Christmas tree. :)
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Went to Kristen's b-day party, which was pretty cool. We went to see The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, which was so good I cried. Then to pizza, where we decided that my b/f for that movie is the lion. (Morgan has teh wardrobe...) Then to Sam's party for some DDR, getting tickle raped by Evan and Chris Goodwin, balloons, Chris Wlcox's Nam epsiodes, and a crash oon the couch, even though I was supposed to spend the night at Kristen's. Got up, waited around 'til I was the last one there, helped clean a bit, went back to Kristen's for cold pizza and a quick visit with the horses, and now I am home. I'm being told by my mother that Matt called while I was gone, so I'll try to make this quick....:

OK, I'm having an XXX-mas (:D) party the 23, so whoever wants to go can go. It's a secret santa thing, so bring a present for someone. Jiff's dressing up as Santa. If you want to dress up as anything, be my guest. Oh, and bring food, thanlies. ^_^
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